I have been passionate about health and fitness for as long as I can remember. By 13, I had given up junk food, and by 15 I had begun leading group fitness classes – and continue to do so today.

After graduating from university, I spent 3 years involved in PE teaching at schools and developing a business (KTL Life & Leisure) that specialised in corporate health and stress management. My business provided health and exercise strategies for clients including NEC, Zurich Australia, Coles Myer, TNT/Ansett, Apple, Dick Smith Electronics, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, KFC, Fujitsu, Techway, Lexmark/Gestetner, Marketing Insights and Sterling Software.

By the age of 22, I had a successful corporate health company that employed 15 staff. As a result, I was invited to be guest speaker at numerous functions aimed at motivating women in business. However, the very thing I was helping CEO’s overcome was starting to effect me… STRESS!

Shift in Gears

In 1994, I decided to change direction and spent the next 5 years at Eli Lilly Australia, a pharmaceutical company, in their Neuroscience division and was part of the sales and marketing team that launched Prozac in Australia. Eventually I moved into training and used my teaching skills to train sales reps! I was fortunate enough to attend numerous sales and marketing courses to hone my marketing skills, while feeding my creative predisposition. I also initiated the company’s newsletter, which is still being published today!

During my time at Lilly, I learned valuable information about mental health, which confirmed my long-held belief that the mind and body work as one. This understanding was instrumental in my decision to leave Lilly as I wanted to be more involved in preventative health (my true passion), especially in the realm of communication (in all its forms). I had this desire to educate and simplify what has become of minefield of misinformation about health and wellness!

For over 30 years I’ve been in the Health, Wellness & Spa industry – it is not a career path, rather a life journey!

I’ve authored a number books, Going Organic: Your Guide to a Healthier Life (New Holland) and published Beat Menopause Naturally by Maryon Stewart, which is sold in the UK, US, South Africa and Australia. I edited and ‘Australianised’ the New York bestselling title, Take the Pressure Off Your Heart: 8 Weeks to Lower Blood Pressure Without Prescription Drugs by Robert Kowalski (New Holland) and, edited and designed a book by a collaboration of Australia’s leading health experts, Fast Living, Slow Ageing (Media Moguls).

My latest book titled The Low HI Diet; How to Get Clean & Get Lean (New Holland) is available in Australia, USA, South Africa, and the UK.

The Written Word

Get Clean

Get Clean

A thoughtful, thorough, and expertly-planned detox program can literally be the start of an entirely new love affair with life, swing in your hips, and skip in your step.

    Going Organic 2nd Edition

    Going Organic 2nd Edition

    The first edition of Going Organic was so popular an updated edition was released within 12 month. In 2012 a 3rd updated-edition was release and distributed in the UK, South Africa, as well as Australia and NZ!

      Going Organic

      Going Organic

      Going Organic (New Holland) lifts the lid on the truth about the health risks involved in many daily aspects of our modern lives.

        The Low HI Diet

        The Low HI Diet

        A lot of the food we eat has had a lot of Human intervention (HI) i.e. it is highly processed. Time to get back to real food!

          I Love to Write

          With a burning passion for health, fitness and feeling well, plus a love for writing and marketing, I found myself in media, where I helped launch what was then Good Health magazine. I ran the Sydney office as NSW Publishing Manager, as well as Fitness Editor, before becoming Editor. In 2001, I purchased the magazine, changed the title to Better Health, eventually taking it to this online content & downloadable program hub (THANK YOU for joining me here). Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter if you want a juicy taste of Better Health.

          I also spent 18 months as Editor of Ultra-Fit magazine, and purchased the title Spa Life magazine, which I was the publishing editor for 4 years. It was in this role that I had great exposure to the Spa industry around the world and found my calling! Spa’s that incorporate wellness.

          I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to the best wellness destinations around the world, and experienced the most incredible health programs. I’ve learnt from the masters of holistic health and been invited to meet with them to share insights.

          So, taking the best bits from some of the wonderful Spas around the globe, expert advice from a number of highly regarded naturopaths and nutritionists, combined with my first hand experience, I have created holistic health programs combining that I know work…

          And most importantly, programs you will enjoy and hit the health goals you have.

          Combining Spa with Health & Wellness

          SAWI COVERI love the Spa & Wellness industry and it is where I feel most at home. Since 2008 I have been consulting to this industry from creative concepts integrating wellness, to helping design a healing space in a beautiful location. Brands I have worked with include Accor, Hilton Hotels, Pacific Bondi and Crowne. I’ve also helps brands penetrate into the Spa market in both Australia and Overseas.

          Spa is the perfect platform for health and wellbeing and offers a nurturing, healing hug. If you’d like to join me in my Spa escapades, and get a the latest and greatest of what is happening in the Spa world pop over to Spa & Wellness International.

          • "I have had the pleasure of working with Kris Abbey on several occasions over the last 14 years.  I say pleasure as she always makes work fun and is a great team member.  I think of her first when I have a publishing project as she is creative, artistic and knowledgable. She has helped me produce several beautiful magazine style workbooks which have all been a feast for the eyes.  I highly recommend her services."

            Maryon Stewart Maryon Stewart
          • “Kris was one of the pioneers that rallied the Australian spa and wellness industry; her passion for all things ‘wellness’ clearly showing through her work with the media and not-for-profit associations. She walks her talk with integrity and humility, is unfailingly positive, and always has a kind word to say or a constructive suggestion to add. I’m thrilled to have her working with us on the Board of the International Health & Wellness"

            Samantha FosterPresident, International Health & Wellness Alliance
          • Kris is the epitome of the all-rounder. Firstly, she lives on the frontier of everything health, wellness & spa related - she's the industry knowledge expert. Secondly, she's the "go to person" on everything & anything fitness-related. Finally, she's a strategist, a creative who designs the most beautiful published materials, an incredible writer, a business owner & a person who inspires. Everything she touches sparkles & I've never before worked with someone who delivers so consistently & to such a high standard of excellence. A rare & trustworthy professional. Highly, highly recommended.

            Rhonda Sweet
          • When it comes to the Spa industry Kris is the first person who immediately comes to my mind. Having known Kris professionally for 10+ years I wholeheartedly recommend her as THE expert and go-to consultant. Over the years Kris has become a friend who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who is in the industry and seeking expert advice based on years of hands-on experience. I’ve worked with Kris on a number of projects and every time she exceeds my expectations on her knowledge, practicalities and creativity for what can be created.

            Samantha SampleBe Genki

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