28-Day program for new & busy mums

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More Energy: Less Tummy

You’re a new or busy mum and of course you love your children, but not so much the body they have left you with. I’ve had three kids and always worked full-time, so I know and understand that getting your post-baby body back into shape doesn’t just happen. And time for you… well, forget that!

Or maybe not?

You owe it to yourself (and your kids) to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. So let’s get rid of those baggy tees and elasticised pants and start looking and feeling like the gorgeous mother you are.

This 28-day program is designed to help you achieve what you might consider just impossible dreams. It’s time to think what is possible in 28 short days. Squeeze your excess tummy one last time, ‘cause we’re about to get rid of it for good!

Even if you’re stretching the time frame of ‘new’ mum, this program is still for you. If you’re a busy mum and want to get your body (and health) back since that blue line appeared on your pregnancy test, then this program is for you too.

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  • Weight loss
  • More energy to keep up with the kids
  • A sense of vitality
  • Loss of fat (not lean muscle)
  • Tighter tummy and more taut bum
  • Greater concentration
  • Smoother, clearer skin
  • Brighter eyes
  • Better digestion
  • Deeper sleep
  • Increased cardio
  • Better flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • In a better mood
  • A great sense of achievement

What’s included:

BodyBack - Easy to Follow

Easy-to-follow Program

I’ve cut out crazy jargon, complicated instructions and complex diagrams. What’s left? Precise (and concise) nutritional info, presented in a stunning ebook that will have you balanced, beautiful and in love with your new body (as well as your baby)!

BodyBack - Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly Meal Plan & Shopping Lists

These nutritionist-approved meal plans are easy and quick to prepare, nourishing, satisfying AND delicious. Plus you get a shopping list each week to make life even easier. Organised. Efficient. And in control. The ultimate trifecta!

BodyBack - Healthy Recipes

Healthy, Nutritious & Delicious Recipes

Meet the totally drool-worthy ‘diet’ recipe book. Chock full of meals that are quick, easy and diverse, transitioning into the meal plan will be completely painless. (Pinky promise). All recipes are designed to boost your health, save you time and help you reach your optimal weight, even if you’re as busy as the proverbial bee. (Spoiler alert: There are also some great snack options that the kids will love too).

BodyBack - Weekly Chit Chats

Weekly Chit-Chat Check-ins

Every Wednesday morning, we have a weekly chat and check in to answer your questions and hear how everyone on the program is going. This is all about the info and support you need to stay on track and meet your body’s needs. With check-ins every week, I don’t just ensure success during the program, but set you up with the tools you need to continue feeling fantastic, even after the 28 days are up. We also record these group chats, in case you can’t make it.

BodyBack - Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

Think: easy-to-follow weekly workouts that help you work up a sweat. Suitable to bust out anywhere or any time (well, maybe not during school assembly). You don’t need to buy equipment or join a gym. Even though you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, getting your heart rate up will boost the benefits of the program. (I’m going to call this a win-win). And where possible, you can include your little cherubs.

BodyBack - FeceBook

Facebook Support

Looking to up the ante and stay accountable? When you join the program, you also get unlimited access to our private Facebook group, filled to the brim with people just like you. Help each other stay on track, reach your goals, ask questions, share recipes, get inspired, learn more – and maybe even tell a joke or two.


You can have that healthy, sexy, strong body and still be a supportive, attentive and wonderful mum. I’ll teach you how.

Next program starts 10 October 2016. Do Not miss out as numbers are capped at 1,000 to ensure everyone is supported.

IF you DO want a custom nutritional plan for post pregnancy, check out my Tailor Made Programs.

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This program is not intended to replace medical advice. Before beginning this or any other nutritional or exercise regime, consult your physician to be sure it is appropriate for you. I am not a trained medical practitioner. These are my guidelines, which worked for me. I am living proof that as an everyday working mother, you too can make positive lifestyle changes that dramatically change your body and life for the better! If you have any concerns or questions about your health, diet or exercise plan, please consult your doctor.