You pay pretty good attention to what you eat, keep your wardrobe up to date (although you’re still clinging to your favourite high-waisted jeans from 1995, just in case), and you spend at least two hours a week sweating in Pilates or training for a sporty charity event. You’re a self-starter, dominating your to-do list at work and juggling business with your busy home life.

That’s all well and good, except for one glaring fact:

Sometimes, you feel like a total fraud.

You’re sneaking in an extra glass (or three) of wine, making a block of milk chocolate magically disappear before the first ad break of House of Cards, and then drowning yourself in a big bucket of guilt. (For the record, that guilt is counterproductive.)

And (if we want to be really honest), you don’t really like Pilates—except for the stretchy pants—and you only signed up for the charity event because you thought it’d force you to get into better shape. (Not to mention the ever-looming question of, “Why is it I can manage my entire life, except for my health?”)

Your health is your most important asset

Hi. I’m Kris.

And I help people achieve their enormous, didn’t-think-or-believe-they-could-do-it health goals. How? Through a holistic, realistic approach to health that combines fitness, nutrition, and mental wellbeing (think: slaying those demons). I know that dieting and denial suck, which is why when you work with me, they’re never on the table*.

*Pun intended.

In other words, I look at all the pieces that contribute to your health (not just the food), and develop an integrated, doable plan that seamlessly slips into your busy lifestyle. I educate, support, and spoon feed you what you need to know, eat, and do to get healthy.

(There may also be a few gentle(ish) kicks up the backside when you get stuck.)

Why do I do it?

Because years (and years) ago I was sick. Really sick. I was that sickly kid diagnosed with a chronic illness, and was blatantly told it couldn’t be treated. (To which I responded with a big EFF THAT.)


Ultimately, I was paired up with an amazing healer (courtesy of my persistent mum), who taught me how to eat best for my body so I wouldn’t need the Band-Aids anymore. At the age of 15, I learned three life-changing things:

1. I didn’t have (or need) to put up with feeling like
crud and being unwell.

2. How to listen to my body—really listen—so I could pinpoint what worked for me and what went against it.

3. How (insert shouty expletive) GREAT it feels to be 100% healthy, vital, and energised. I was basically oozing good health from every tiny cell in my body.

Since then, I’ve intimately studied health (and health coaching), earned a BA in Education (Physical Education & Science), completed a Post Grad Diploma in nutrition and exercise physiology, written books, travelled to some of the best health retreats in the world, lectured, tutored, worked with leading health experts, consulted to major brands on integrating wellness into their company policies, and tamed a wild lion.
(Okay, maybe not that very last one.)

If you want to know more about my professional credentials
you can read more here.


You’re already impressive, talented, and wonderful.

Now let’s add “deliriously happy, healthy, and yes, you can check out my butt as I walk away confident” to that list.

I’m here, every single step, hurdle, and milestone along the way.



I only invest my time in people who are willing to invest in themselves. It’s all about committing to the change, welcoming that (loving) shove out of your comfort zone and understanding that real progress takes time. If you are looking for a sprinkle of magic fairy dust that’ll knock off 40 pounds (15 kilos) and 10 years overnight, I’m not your gal. But if you’re ready—really ready—to make a change, let’s go. (Cue the Rocky anthem.)

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